Welcome to the world of & You Bridal 
Our dream is to inspire and delight you with our style and beautiful hairpieces, to help complete your ultimate bridal look. We want to make your wedding adventure as fun and enjoyable as possible. 
The wedding industry, we feel is a very special one. There is not many moments in life that are as important as this one and we want to provide something special that could not only be the perfect accessory, but a keepsake to remember your day by, wear again or pass on to your sisters, daughters or loved ones. 
We are Holly & Bridgette! Senior hairstylists by trade, but jewellery and accessory lovers by heart. We felt that we were being approached with inquiries on where to find hair pieces and yet had no where to direct brides to be. So we have created our own dream and are so thrilled to have you along for the ride. 
We believe in girl power and want to help inspire woman everyday from their wedding journey and beyond!