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July 13, 2020

Where To Find Your Ultimate Bridal Hair Inspo and What To Do With It!

5 simple tips to guide you in finding what suits best and will make you feel most comfortable on your wedding day.

So the wedding planning has begun and the dress is ordered. You may have even outdone yourself and brought some new jewellery? go you!

You’ve booked in a hair trial with your hairstylist and the appointment is approaching fast! Yet the thought of choosing a hairstyle that will suit your hair type, dress style and features is making you second-guess your Pinterest board? No problem! Here are some helpful tips that might make the process a little easier and tick some boxes off your list.

1. Know your hair type and its capabilities

You may have saved a picture of Kim Kardashian West’s voluminous waves for your ultimate hair inspo on the big day. Although you start to have a sinking feeling that fact your hair elastic takes 6 loops to feel tight on a ponytail it might not be something you can easily pull off (insert grimace face emoji). Things to consider:

Hair texture – Sparse/fine, medium or dense
Hair length – Short, medium or long
Does you hair have good elasticity and strength?
Does you hair have high moisture content or is it porous and dry?

Confused already? Don’t worry; these are all things you can ask your stylist if you don’t already know. Keeping all this in mind, there are certainly tricks of the trade that can help you create your desired result. For example, the use of hair extensions can create much needed length and thickness to produce a fuller look. And if your hair just isn’t quite up for the challenge, padding can help to acquire beautiful up-styles with the perfect shape.

Knowing your hair is about understanding yourself and that is always a great thing! This way the filter on your saved inspo pictures can already feel less stressful when you know what and how you’re going to achieve the desired result.

*Hot tip – Ask your bridal party to consider this too, when you or they choose hair inspiration! Do you want them to match or let them choose their own?

2. Know what you don’t want!

Hairdressers are very amazing and talented artists, although they’re not telepathic. Don’t be afraid to speak up and say the things you don’t want in a hairstyle. Don’t want your ears to show? Volume can be nice but Amy Winehouse might be a bit much... Do you like it sleek or effortless?

The more information you can deliver, the more you’ll get from your hair trial. Lets be honest, a wedding is expensive enough without the scheduling of more than one appointment, just because you and the stylists couldn’t quite find the perfect result first time around. If you are tossing up between a few different hairstyles, then ask your stylist if they can book you an appointment that can offer the option of singular or multiple style play.

3. Seek and you shall find

So the most you’ll usually achieve on a night out, is a few GHD kinks to frame your face, and then you’re sporting a messy bun for the remaining 90% of time. You may have no idea of what’s out there in terms of your bridal hair choices!

Thank god for pinterest and instagram! And the best part it’s totally free! Galleries of photos are at your fingertips. We’ve all been a little too deep in the labyrinth of instagram, but get specific!
Try hashtags and titles of things you want to achieve; i.e. #lowbun #braids #bridalhairupstyle #highponytail #glamourwaves

The options are endless; let your style find you!

*Hot tip – Do this for your bridesmaids too or get them to choose their own inspo pic’s for the day. This will save time and unnecessary drama on the day, when you could be sipping champagne instead!

4. Think of the big picture

What shape is your dress? Does it have a low back, a plunging neckline or is it strapless? In particular your wedding gown is always going to be a wow factor on the day and you certainly don’t want to hide any of her amazing features.

Are you wearing earrings a necklace or both? Do you want them to be a feature?

Are you wearing a veil, fresh flowers or a hairpiece?
Keeping this in mind you’ll want to choose a hairstyle that will compliment all of these factors and create the ultimate bridal look. Because lets be honest, you’re the star of the show!

*Hot Tip – What side are you standing on at the top of the alter? Is it your favoured side? Do you want a hair feature to show?

5. What makes you feel like you?

Hair is a very powerful form of expression! Not only do you want to look your best, you want to feel your best!

When you do your hair, how do you feel most comfortable and get the most longevity? Does the weather give you hair anxiety? Are you going to be pushing hair out of your eyes in every photo because you can’t stand the thought of it tickling your face? Too many bobby pins will likely make you revert back to your childhood when your mum did your hair for dancing…Does this very thought give you a migraine? These are simple but effective questions to ask, so your hair lasts all the way to the d-floor and beyond!

Your wedding day can be a long one and as wedding hairstylists, we don’t want you to worry about anything in the hair department! Help us help you in creating your dream look!

*Hot tip- Ask your stylist if there is anything you need to pack in your clutch to keep your style lasting all night long? Or if you want a few spare bobby pins in the emergency kit!

Let your dream wedding hair be yours…

Holly x

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